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Concrete can be coloured in variety of ways depending your needs and the desired final look.

A combination of both of the below finishes is also an option.


Integral Coloured Concrete

This is where coloured mineral oxide powders or liquids are added to the concrete at the batching plant and the entire mix of the concrete is coloured. This is a very long lasting finish which is growing rapidly in popularity because it is a very hard wearing surface that will last without being sealed.

Colour Hardeners

This is where coloured mineral oxides are added to sand and cement and then broadcast over freshly laid concrete while it is still in it’s plastic state. This is then trowelled into the surface of the concrete and given the desired texture to finish. When dry the surface of the concrete is very hard as the colour hardeners are very high in cement content.

The advantage to this finish is that you can have more than one colour thrown onto the concrete to give a mottled look or flashes of another colour through it. The disadvantage is that the colour is only on the surface of the concrete so if it is in a high traffic area, roadways, cycle ways etc, the surface could wear over time exposing the grey concrete underneath.

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