18 May, 2019

Send us your project plans during construction to have it priced for you.

Home owners understand that doing their external concrete outside their contract privately will save them a significant amount of money but very often they do not want the hassle of going around chasing quotes and arranging finance prior to their home being finished.  We can make life that little bit easier, and cheaper.

Send us through a scaled house or project plan with a sketch of your external concrete on it and we can send you through a price for your project for you (at the same trade rates we supply to buiilders) to compare with your builder or take to your lender to arrange your finance early.

 Email your plans to sales@prestigeconcrete.com.au or you can post them to:-

PO Box 616


QLD 4212

This same rule applies to anyone in construction. We are constantly in  the process of tendering on new projects in and around the Gold Coast and Brisbane and would be very interested in hearing about yours.