19 May, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Every concrete project is different.  Quite often there may be some excavation work involved.  You may have some plumbing that needs to be installed for drainage etc.  You may want to seal your project?  Is there access to the work area to place the concrete? You may need a concrete pump to get the concrete in there.  Do you have some existing concrete or a kerb that needs to be sawcut first?

We can come to your project and work through it with you.

On average, once our quotation is accepted, we can be in to make a start on your concrete project within a fortnight.  We pride ourselves on our ability to have jobs completed on time, every time.

There are a number of considerations to making the right decision. What colour is right for my project? What would look good with my home? What can I get that is within my budget? What are the latest trends in my area?

Let us provide you with free advice on your project. One of our experienced team will come and give you an obligation free quote and help you with choosing a finish that wil suit you budget and needs.

Concrete is in most cases, a hard wearing, long lasting product with no maintenance. So when someone mentions maintenance it often surprises people when the subject is brought up.However, properly maintaining your concrete, can greatly extend the life and beauty of it. Plain, Coloured or Exposed Aggregate concrete can look clean and bright-instead of oil stained and grimy. Decorative Concrete can look as good as it did the day it was finished instead of dirty, faded and worn.

Small plastics shrinkage cracks or crazing cracks can be repaired and covered by one of our re-surfacing options.  With larger cracks, they can be repaired but at a higher cost and the owner may have to seriously consider whether it is worth the cost.

In any case, the underlying concrete to give a resurfacing project must be sound. The underlying soil could still move which could re-open cracks down the line.

We will come and inspect your surface and give you our honest opinion and  some options.

Concrete sealers help improve resistance to weather, oil, petroleum, and abrasives.Concrete sealers also enhance the colours of your concrete and help prevent fading.